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Inspired: Zaria Forman

Posted on: 23 Oct 2014

I'm in awe of Zaria Forman's work.Imagine having one of her paintings hung up in your lounge; watching the waves crash and tasting the salt water on the tip of your tongue. Gazing at her art, it's almost as if you are sat on the beach, your toes getting wet as the breakwater washes up to tickle them.

Freunde von Freunden

Posted on: 19 Oct 2014

If, like me, you love a sneaky glimpse into other people's homes, then Freunde von Freunden is for you. Literally translating as 'Friends of Friends', the magazine-style site showcases interesting creative types within their own homes or working environments. Expect lots of wooden floors, house plants and endearing knick-knacks.

Hello Emilie

It's been nearly eight years since I travelled in New Zealand. From the sun-kissed beaches on Paihia, to the mountainous roads of the South Island - I drank in everything I saw and look back on my two months in the Land of the Long White Cloud with fond memories. Now I am eight years older, and eight years wiser, I long to return. I've been following Emilie Ristevski's Instagram feed with envious eyes, thinking about circumnavigating both islands in a cosy camper van with my boyfriend, camera in hand. 

All photos: @helloemilie

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